COVID Update

I’m sorry to say that we will have to continue having P4-7 finish at 2.30 daily this week as staffing challenges remain. I genuinely understand your frustrations around staff changes and cover for playrooms and classes but please know I am trying to have consistency, where possible, so that there are as few adults keeping to routines and boundaries that your child is used to. Hopefully by the end of the week we may see some staff returning to their usual duties.

We normally have an Easter family competition. Let’s try and have some kind of ‘normal’ by the end of the week! Please design a family (or individual) understanding with the title, ‘This Is What Easter Means To Us As A Family’. You can create a power point presentation, decorate an egg, design a poster, make up a song or anything else that feeds your imagination! We usually allow these to be displayed and all classes get to see the results but as COVID is still very much an unwelcome visitor at the school we will take photos of each entry and display as a slideshow on the blog on Friday. Please have your entries in school on Thursday. They will also be returned on Thursday after school.

Happy, relaxing Sunday to all and to those unwell, take it easy and see you soon.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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