COVID-19 Latest – and Star Awards

Apologies for no blogpost on Friday with photos but I was waiting to see what would happen with COVID-19 so you didn’t need to open two separate messages.

Certain staff and young people remain ill and we all hope for a speedy recovery for them. Nearly all have had lesser symptoms and I know some of you have been anxious for their health. We have had one or two children taken to hospital for short spells but all are doing well. However – we can’t be complacent. Just this morning a child who was negative on Friday has returned a positive result today. We are indebted to NHS and all who protect us – we can never stop saying this.

While I have to gather the absences, etc and pass on to health professionals and while Kim the Cleaner comes during the day as well as the cleaning team working hard each night, the clerical staff do an amazing job. Mrs Matheson for three days a week organises the clerical side for nursery, for orders and many other tasks, as well as answering the door and responding to staff and young people that come to the office. While she is doing that, Mrs Cornish is answering the phone to all. She is the first port of call to the school for many of you other than email and Dojo. Have you ever seen her in a flap? At the moment, on a daily basis to save me looking up our database system she compiles the daily absences, including new COVID cases. If it weren’t for Mrs Cornish I’d be struggling even more. I can concentrate on making sure the right teacher or PSA or EYP is in the right class at the right time. I then have time to have all the right information for the health team so they can make a decision about how to keep your children safe. The school gave Mrs Cornish some flowers on Friday to thank her and to acknowledge all our thanks in how she is playing her part to keeping us all safe. It is so important to stop, look around and acknowledge each other either as families, colleagues or classmates. Every person is integral in making things work either at home, school or work. Let’s make it our determination as we go into a new week to notice and thank those around us. (Do you say thank you for whoever makes your meal? Or makes sure there’s clean clothes? Or who puts the bin out from the staffroom?!)

A huge thank you to P4-7 parents who managed to juggle work and home to allow the children to finish at 2.30pm. We have only one or two staff coming back and now others are off so I have been given permission again from the council to finish P4-7 classes at 2.30pm for this week. I don’t know the future but the probability would be back to 3pm next week going on who is absent and who would be back, based on symptoms and illnesses. Again I will be in the playground from 2.30pm if circumstances mean it’s easier for you as a family that way.

COVID-19 has, at last, really started to attack the nursery. There are lots of staff off as well as young people. You may find that this week it’s not the usual staff but we’re keeping open, as long as the health team lets us and as long as I can find staff to cover. If you have not got yourself onto the ELC Google Classroom yet please contact me directly Often decisions by the health team are taken in the evening so it’s better to tell you all at once what is happening as you can imagine if I started to phone individuals at 9pm someone would have to have the call at 11pm by the time I would get around everyone.

Here are last week’s star awards. Fewer as some classes were isolating on Friday…stay strong, everyone and remain vigilant for this virus – hands, face, space.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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