COVID-19 Update

I’m still waiting for clearance to allow P2/3, P4JM and P7 AN to come back to school on Monday. You will be alerted by me through Class Dojo as soon as the email comes in to me. Until then, the youngsters need to remain in isolation. Some who tested negative yesterday are testing positive today, including teaching staff so there will be some more changes for next week:

As you know from Friday’s blog post I am determined to keep classes open to help with continuity of learning, routine and links to positive mental health for your children as well as allowing you to keep working.

To be able to keep Smithton open to all classes I can do it if all P4-7 children leave at 2.30pm Monday 14th – Friday 18th. I shall make myself available in the playground 2.30pm daily so that if you want your child to remain on school premises until 3pm then they will have access to me there. However, if possible, it would really help if your child could come home half an hour early each day next week.

If you have younger children who finish at 2.45pm we can be flexible to accommodate them leaving at the same time. Children being picked up for after school clubs would remain in the playground with me until 3pm.

As parents and carers you have been incredible partners, particularly over the last two years and I can’t thank you enough for your patience. Despite everything, your children are learning and achieving and this doesn’t happen by accident: parental engagement coupled with outstanding staff attitude is a great combination.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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