Resilient Community

What a week of illnesses and worries. We’ve clapped for the NHS and, once again, I’m in awe of the work that they do when I know some of my young people have needed medicine and support this week. If I’ve been worried sick how must their families have felt! Illness is an emotional drain as well…and inevitably the kids bounce back while we’re still recovering from the sleepless nights!

But we did it. We kept the school open and all staff doubled up doing a variety of jobs around the school. Hopefully we can remain open next week but please continue to be vigilant – COVID is not on its way out in our area with three classes having to work from home today. As ever, this is a team that cares and goes the extra mile – thank you everyone. It does mean that usual communication hasn’t been as great. Please continue to bear with us as we catch up and contact you back.

We couldn’t manage our usual assembly this morning so not all Star Awards have come to me – we’ll get them onto the blog next week but we have a few. A cracker this week is Layla in P5 who ‘cashed in’ her Dojo points to be ‘class teacher for the day’. While I would take her on in a heart beat (watch out Mrs Mitchell) she made it clear that teaching wasn’t for her – she’d rather work with animals! We have some great measuring and a super picture from Aria who has been stuck at home this week – but working hard reading up about women who changed the world on International Women’s Day on Tuesday. Mrs Stevenson is, as usual, playing. She calls it drawing out learning by learning through play. Aye. Life is good as a PSA at Smithton! A great moment was shared by the House Captains over at the site of The Haven on Wednesday as I shared during the week. What a privilege to be part of history and a legacy for the future in our community.

Enjoy the longer daylight but please keep covering your face around the school, staying two metres where possible and stay safe together.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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