Smithton – A Great Community!

What a privilege for the House Captains to be part of the first digging of the foundations of the new building project across the road from the school. Many of you have been raising money and/or awareness (remember painting sunflowers on stones last year??) for The Haven – a place where there will be respite, job opportunities and activities for many vulnerable people. Nine years they have been working away to make this happen. Believe – you will achieve!
Smithton Primary is aiming for a smoke free generation by the year 2034 when the current youngsters will be adults.

You many know that today was No Smoking Day in Scotland. For the last three years we have raised awareness around the school on this day but as The Haven had a big celebration today we have left our event until tomorrow. We have an event that all friends, relatives and school are invited to tomorrow – virtually. Imagine walking around a market, browsing stalls and asking the stall holder questions about their product…we’ve tried to produce something like this but virtually! Instead of walking around, you can sit at home with a cuppa and click on the various icons and then engage with the presenters who will be sitting and waiting to chat with you.

So, Thursday at 2 – 4pm there will be live music with a young, Highland musician who will talk about how getting into hobbies and clubs can help you avoid getting into bad habits… never giving up and practising hard. From 2.15pm onwards there will be presenters ready to discuss their local charity, work or club – everything from The Good Food project in the area to adult learning, sports clubs for kids, how to get involved in family walks and we even have a group of P7s presenting on some of the things they have learned in their substance awareness lessons which go throughout the school. Join in at any point – it’s a drop in, drop out event but if you can, join us as at 2pm to listen to James playing and click on the icons to have a chat with presenters.

Click here:

Please join us as a local community but feel free to send on the link to friends and family across the world who might want to join us when normally they wouldn’t be able to. Need to find the positive in all these restrictions!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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