Bits and Pieces

A parent has sent some information about how we can help Ukrainian families. I checked first that this is not political and have been given clearance to allow this to be posted:

World Book Day is almost upon us again! This Thursday, 3rd March we will see our annual focus on reading for pleasure. As usual, the children are welcome to dress up as a book character if they wish but we know that not all children and young people like to dress up so normal school uniform for those who are not dressing as book characters. If you want to send us photos of your children reading around the house and garden or when out and about please do so and we’ll share them! Why not take 15 minutes yourself and read for pleasure on Thursday with us? I’m sure your line managers won’t mind…. Maybe as a family you could switch off devices for fifteen minutes at some point and spend the time still together but reading rather than looking at your devices….

Talking of devices, there have been a few children looking at images coming from Ukraine on their phones and tablets resulting in nightmares. If the news is on ‘in the background’ be aware that your child can be listening and making assumptions. Please take time to talk through what is happening at the moment and alleviating any fears they may have without giving promises that you can’t keep – we can’t control what we can’t control.

Parent contact with teachers starts from next week so please look out for the survey to complete on Dojo.

And finally, a lovely photo showing one of our P6’s who received a gold medal in her category for ice skating at the weekend. Winter Olympics next??

Aileen Mackay, HT

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