Busy week for a short week!

Sorry to hear many children and families are feeling poorly at the moment with a variety of illnesses. Please take care and know you are missed.

The photos from the two days are mainly those who received the Learning Council’s stickers for hard work in fulfilling the UNCRC five core rights: be protected, be educated, be healthy, be treated fairly and be heard. Our young people were picked out for, amongst other things, choosing healthy snacks at home and school, helping others in their learning in class, protecting others when friends were sad and upset, for including peers to feel part of a group being treated fairly and being a role model for looking across the playground and seeing where younger people needed support. P2/3’s big question over the last few weeks was ‘Can you still breathe in a land with no trees?’ Have a look at two people’s answers! Engage, empower and enlighten and you will learn.

Here’s to a full week of learning next week!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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