Schools that play together, learn together

Thanks to the Parent Council for hosting the hopefully last virtual meeting on Tuesday. We’re hoping to be face to face next term but still to have the online facility for those who prefer this. It’s good when we can learn how school is viewed from home as well as school being able to share our evidence, too. I was able to share with those present the real statistics of learning, curriculum and assessment from the school. If you were unable to attend but would like to see the presentation either let me know or you will be able to see it in the minutes when they come out.

It’s great to see classes within their treehouses sharing learning whether it’s younger ones reinforcing their new skills with older children in games or whether it’s older ones being role models so the younger children can see what is expected of them. You’ll see some photos of P2/3 and P6 working together on games the P2 /3 class made reinforcing their two times table.

Another aspect of learning together this year is having focus weeks for the whole school. For example last week we were focusing on young people’s mental health. The Learning Council set a task of finding positive things to do to stay healthy with your well being. They chose Lexie W from P5’s list – again you’ll see it in the photos below.

The winning UNCRC design organised by the Learning Council from a couple of weeks ago has now been made into stickers so as from next week you may find your child has a sticker for showing respect for five of the main UNCRC values: be protected, be educated, be healthy, be treated fairly, be heard. To have these rights means we all need to behave towards others with these values, too. The PSAs got together on Tuesday to list the type of behaviours we will be looking for in the playground as well as in class. We’ll catch them when they’re showing respect.

Many took advantage of snow today and refocused the learning outside yet still maintaining the learning intentions. It was good to see so many in school this week with waterproofs and snow suits so they could remain dry and still splash in puddles. Getting fresh air during the day keeps covid at bay as well as refreshing the brain for the afternoon. We’ve had all weathers this week at lunch time!

Remember there is now no school until Thursday for the children and young people. Holidays Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday as an in service day for staff. Hopefully you can enjoy some family time and you will get better soon if you have been struck down with sickness. Please stay safe and look after each other.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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