All Four Seasons in One Day

I wonder what other countries talk about when they just have wall to wall sunshine? Plenty to discuss in Scotland and particularly Smithton this week! We’ve had temperatures from 14 degrees to minus one (at the moment at school!) Why are many teachers happy about that this week?! Because some are looking at climate change with their classes and P5LM were supposed to be looking at integers and below freezing point centigrade scale! These classes now have live experience to embed their knowledge from text books and writing. Learning how to ‘do sums’ is fine for practice but it is necessary for deep learning to put that knowledge into new learning or into another context. From that deep learning then comes new questions and hopefully inquisitive and curious motivated learners.

Next week is a focus around the country for positive mental health in young people and on Friday we will have a dress down/dress up day: a day to express yourself and who you are! Mums and dads, carers and childminders – feel free to join in for the drop off/ pick up time on Friday! Of course, children and young people are free to express themselves by continuing to wear school uniform.

It’s hard as families and for classes to have meaningful conversations when we are all so busy but let’s really set aside some time next week to genuinely listen with our young people and encourage the language around feelings, emotions and encouraging our young people to listen to others when they are trying to say something, too. We want to build resilience in our young people and ensure they have a positive attitude to tackling new and difficult things: ‘I can’t do this….yet.’

It’s also Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 8th so every class will have a focus on positive mental well being and safe use of the internet. Please look at your own use of the internet and be role models for your children: when you press send, are you happy for anyone to read what you have just typed? Have you hurt someone’s feelings in the process? If you can, please discuss with your child and family on Tuesday. There will be a blog post on Tuesday with a few ideas.

Enjoy the photos from this week: early writing and story mapping to helpful PSA getting a star award for helping people when they are hurt.

Stay safe – take time to talk and listen to each other!

Aileen Mackay, HT

One thought on “All Four Seasons in One Day

  1. Interested to here the children will be learning about Climate, which is an important subject, especially due to the politicised nature of it at present. It should therefore be of interest to show them the latest Temperature Anomaly Maps of the world, for both surface and lower stratosphere as it may give an indication on how stable earth’s climate actually is. (Lower Stratospheric temperature monitoring is important as that is the area where warming, if present from additional greenhouse gasses, will be highlighted first)
    Current surface temperature anomaly is +0.2 deg C and the lower stratosphere temperature anomaly is +0.03 deg C. As you can see, remarkable Stable and virtually bang on ‘Normal’ …
    Please see the temperature anomaly charts below for reference:-
    Learning from real data is much more fun, don’t you think?


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