Fun? At School?! Surely Not…

Delighted to see our ELC children starting as they mean to go on – having fun while learning – you can’t beat a boogie outside on a sunny day. Have a look here!

As a school we have been looking at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child with each class taking certain rights and looking at them in depth. There has been a great deal done for these rights across the globe and interestingly unlike some adults, children are more likely to be rights respecting of others rather than demanding their own rights. It’s been really interesting listening to their views and how to make things better for people over the world as well as in Smithton.

A couple of practical things: we will only be keeping lost property for two weeks so please make sure your child comes home with the right clothes. Do get in touch with us if they are missing items. The box will now be accessed from the main office so if you are passing and think there is an item at school please come and ask. We will have the usual clothes and uniform swap at the end of this term as well.

Please continue to wear your masks on school premises and show clearly if you are exempt. Thank you to the parents who are parking better around the school. We’re still awaiting the lines on the road to calm the traffic but we’re assured they are coming.

The photos this week are a mixture of Star Award winners as well as UNCRC ‘a right to shelter’ building, acting out maths with money, substance awareness group work, fine art pencil drawings making a 3D model using the sound ‘oy’ (oysters…very clever, Eilidh!), writing fiction collaboratively and rock studies. Pictures really do tell what a thousand words can’t.

Have a good weekend!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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