Smithton Family Leaning On Each Other

Since coming back to school in January we have all benefitted from leaning on each other to learn. It’s great when you can learn something, even better when you can learn together and push each other to learn even more. Here’s a music video of P6/7 and P2 reminding us to stay strong!

Thank you for your patience as staff have slowly been coming back to work and ‘normal service’ is resuming! We’re delighted to see young people and their families feeling better but we’re acutely aware of some who are still unwell. Please know you are missed and we’ll be there for you when you feel better and ready to come back. Some may find it tricky to come back after a while – maybe as parents and carers you are finding it harder than you anticipated getting back into the swing of things. We’re no specialists but we’re hear to listen – I know I’ve said this before but it is good to talk.

We said farewell to Miss Boyle today who will be sharing her Smithton good will across other schools in the area. She has been a terrific asset to the school and for individual children – she’ll be missed but her legacy is that she has given children the tools to equip themselves for the world. She’s also got the famous Smithton blood through her now too that can’t ever leave her….

Classes are getting straight back into learning and staff are beginning to push the children to achieve more. See the photos below of Star Award winners and also a number of photos showing learning by collaboration indoors and outdoors with technology, raw materials and digital technology.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe and stay well looking after each other where you can.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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