A Good New Year To You All

Welcome to our new families in nursery and the school and welcome back to everyone else. It’s been a tough holiday for lots of families but hopefully most are feeling better and ready to get back to routine of school and nursery. Unfortunately we still have a number of staff absences so please be patient with us if we’re not as quick to respond as usual but we will when we can. Hopefully with the new guidelines we will have fewer absences but we will have to wait and see. I’ve put up a document which has experiments you can do at home while teachers get their google classrooms set up as I know some children are still isolating today. These are experiments you can do easily and it has the scientific explanation beside it…just in case science is not your strong point! Also, if you have access to BBC iplayer, check out the Royal Institute Christmas Lectures for excellent explanations of what a virus is and does, what a vaccine is and does and what lateral flow and PCR tests do…fascinating experiments and illustrations with young people to show what it all means! That should keep you going for a few hours..

As 2021, please remember if you are coming onto school grounds wear a mask unless exempt and show this clearly around your neck. Please park carefully and encourage your children to wrap up warm as we will continue to learn outside as well as inside and windows will be open for ventilation. We will continue to wash hands and use gel regularly throughout the day and our cleaning staff, as ever, will be doing a thorough job during the day as well as at the end of each day. We await the new Position Statement from the council but as the First Minister only updated the country yesterday afternoon it may take a day or two yet to be finalised. I’ll keep you informed as I hear anything.

Please take care. If your child has symptoms, please keep them off and get tested. If you’re worried or your child is worried about the virus, let us know. We’re here to help and try and keep things as normal as possible while taking good care at the same time. I continue to be amazed at how all staff encourage and support the young people from nursery to P7 while maintaining attainment standards across the board. We can’t take the place of other services which are also stretched but we can listen and respond as much as we can.

Short week but let’s get to it! Happy Thursday.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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