Final Friday of 2021 in School & ELC

Yet again staff and young people learning together continues to astound -everything from asking Highland Council’s Climate Control team questions like, ‘How much of a help do windmills and solar panels make?’ and, ‘What if COP-26 didn’t exist?’ to, ‘What kind of raft can carry a heavy weight?’ and, ‘How did the ancient Egyptians make the pyramids?’ Deep learning and open ended enquiry is making a difference to the engagement of our young people and encourages them to use their literacy and numeracy skills in a wide variety of contexts. So it’s not all parties and tinsel…there’s head scratching difficult learning taking place, too!

However, whether you are a parent or carer of nursery and P1-3 or not do book some time off if you can to watch our nativity play. Mrs Tough and Mrs Munro (coming back from maternity leave so has been in a few days doing work with a few classes…more to come on this) have been filming and editing since the actors have done their bit. The live stream will take place on Tuesday 21st December at 11am and the link will go up here on the school blog. Get your towels out to get your place in the line! Have a cuppa ready…invite your office team to watch too (I’m sure your boss will be fine with that!) or watch together as a family in the evening. Here’s a little foretaste of what’s to come..Click here!

So…Mrs Munro?! Yes, it’s been almost a year since she became a mum and she will be back after the holidays but only for two days a week. She is going into the additional support for learning side of teaching for now and will be working on Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s all worked out really well as she decided to do this at the same time as Mrs Wright has been called to work four days at Hilton Primary. Mrs Wright has been with us for two years now and has made a difference. We will be very sad to see her go but as she’s made friends with many of the staff we expect to see her and hear how she is getting on. We are delighted to have Mrs Munro back amongst us and thank her for coming in this term to keep in touch and get back into the swing of things.

We also say goodbye to Mademoiselle Renault today. She has been with us since October from France learning how to be a teacher. What a pleasure to have her here..and I’m not just saying it as she has said we can visit her! Maybe one day a class can go and visit her when she is a teacher…

Enjoy the star awards, chilled Christmas party social time and an amazing Henry VIII poster of learning as well as engaged P6s posing questions to the Climate Control team at Highland Council. P1 stories about Christmas are great for this stage in the year!

Have a good weekend and we may not be getting out and about as much as we would hope let’s remember what we do have: each other, a roof over our heads and freedom of speech to name a few of our blessings.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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