Christmas Hope

We’ve had a few children end up in Raigmore this week due to this awful tummy bug but thankfully no one has had to stay in – just get rehydrated. Thank you, NHS once again, for looking after our young ones! We hope everyone is improving – staff and children- as our attendance this week has been decimated.

For those of us who were here it was a case of learning and figuring out answers to big questions such as how did the pyramids get built and what causes big ships to sink. By expecting the young people to work through enquiry means they are more engaged and more likely to find out answers for themselves. We hope that through learning skills of enquiry at all ages at Smithton we will be problem solvers, will be keen to find out answers and will gain more knowledge about a wide range of subjects.

Chief Cook Ms Nicol and her team made an amazing Christmas Lunch today! Look in the slideshow for the quality of food – Masterchef here they come! There was turkey and all the trimmings as well as a lentil and oat loaf followed by mince pies, Christmas tree biscuits and ice cream or fruit. P7s and staff served the school and did a terrific job. Between the team work of the kitchen staff and the waiters/waitresses it all ran very slickly. As there were many Christmas jumpers, tinsel, hair grips and Rudolf antlers and with P7 DJ keeping the music going it set us in the mood to party so there were people dancing to the music – and outside there were strip the willows happening spontaneously! There are a few photos showing the conga and strip the willow.

Eva and Millie made a paper chain this week..look out for it in the slideshow…guess how many loops?? Check out the marvel comic snowflakes as well – it’s amazing what you can find on the internet. There’s also a photo of Isla enjoying the freedom last Friday night having been part of the class that had to isolate who were then free to get ‘back to normal’ where she went exploring the lights of Inverness. Star awards were great this week, as always, and the young people are always to grateful to be nominated.

Have a good weekend and, as ever, stay safe and look out for each other. Your children remain precious to us and we are hopeful for their growth, development and fulfilling their potential.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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