Parent Council Minutes

You can find the latest minutes, AGM report and HT report here on the Parent Council page of our website. Thanks to the staff and parents who give up their time to attend these meetings and also to the vast number of parents and friends of the school that volunteer when specific tasks are required. Every parent is part of the Parent Forum so everyone should feel safe and welcome to air their views and suggestions. The Parent Council exists so that it can represent everyone’s views so if the Council asks for any thoughts please do contribute.

We also like to make sure that there are people represented from all areas of the catchment area who can come to occasional meetings. Even if you can’t come to a meeting you can still share your views and they will appear in the minutes and actions.

For the last fourteen years the parents have influenced the curriculum through choosing British Sign Language as the second language taught here, the Religious and Moral Education programme, sex and relationships policy, the promoting positive relationships and anti bullying policy, social studies and science programmes; substance awareness policy, overseeing the new build project, raising huge amounts of money for playground equipment (should be coming next week!) and transport for class experiences…and the list goes on!

As Fiona Devlin hands over the responsibility I want to say a personal thanks to her for her support, diligence and utter hard work through the pandemic to keeping open lines of communication. She has been a remarkable link between school and parents and I can’t thank her enough.

On a different note: please be patient with us as we cope with staff absences and no cover. Invariably it means staff are covering for each other meaning when they are out of class they can’t get the work done they are supposed to…and obviously that includes me too as I’m covering classes, PSA and nursery. This isn’t meant to provide excuses but just a reminder that we, too, are going through the pandemic and might not get back to you as quickly as we would like or you are used to. Thank you, in advance, for your patience!

Aileen Mackay, HT

2 thoughts on “Parent Council Minutes

  1. Dear Mrs MacKay

    My apologies, for the late response. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the meeting. I’m happy to be contacted to help out whenever I can.

    I have a bag of clothing too small for Alfie. If the school or if you think someone could make use of them , I’ll drop them off at the office?

    Kind regards

    Marie Mackinnon

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thanks, Marie! Really appreciate that. Also we are delighted to take jumpers and other clothing so that we can give away to others or for the last week of each term where we display for any to come and choose items for a small donation which goes straight into school funds to pay for class trips, etc. Thanks again!


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