Coughs and colds…But we’re still learning!

What a week for young people and staff absences! We hope you are all beginning to feel better as each person is missed when you are absent. It’s strange as it’s a fairly big staff and a fairly big number of young people at Smithton yet you can tell when even one person is missing. A huge thanks to staff who all mucked in to help out across the school – what a great team. For our young people coming back after being off sick – it can be tricky as you can feel immediately left out or worried that your friends will have made friends with other people without you. This is normal! Parents and carers, you can help by reassuring your child that coming back and getting ‘stuck in’ straight away is the best thing to do.

For the rest of us we have played with Pudsey, smiled and said, ‘Smelly Socks,’ read, counted, shared our views, solved problems, learned from each other, received Star Awards, read to friends and younger children, practised our sounds, division skills and estimated lengths of flight paths! See Florian’s feat of engineering here! Never a dull moment, that is for sure. Out of school Ross has amassed loads of badges in the BBs – well done, Ross. A reminder that school isn’t everything – we learn every moment of every day at home, at school, out of school clubs, with families and friends and children learn what they see…no pressures being a parent, are there?!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the full moon and skies over the next few days.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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