Children in Need and Photos

Morning. Sorry for the late notice but we’re having to juggle things around this week. Children in Need will be Wednesday – tomorrow – as we have the photographer coming Thursday and Friday.

If your child wants to join in, we’re coming in our pyjamas tomorrow and bringing a bed time story that we like to read with each other. If you can, please donate £1. If everyone did this we would raise £450.

Thursday and Friday the photographer will start with P7s and work her way through the school. It is all risk assessed and, similar to last year, it means you should all still have an annual photo. Please note that we are still unable to have siblings – only individual photos.

Apologies again for lateness – COVID-19 restrictions mean we have to wait until the last minute to be able to make decisions at times…and my computer had a virus yesterday afternoon and evening just to add to everything! (It doesn’t have a temperature, persistent cough and hasn’t lost it’s taste so I’m assuming it’s just overworked….)

Have a good Tuesday! Please remember to park responsibly if you need to park around the school but there is the option to park at Smithton Free Church and walk the last wee bit..

Aileen |Mackay, HT

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