Busy Week, Busy People!

Check out our top ten winners for the new hydro electric generator which is being built on the River Ness! Well done to the individuals in P6/7 and for their hard work around their learning on climate change that stimulated great names.

Please see this message from the council. COVID-19 remains a threat to us all – keep washing hands, covering your face and remaining 2m distance where possible:

With the recent rise in covid cases, I would like to reassure all parents/guardians that in the event of any possible class or school transmission, the Health Protection Team are contacted and investigations are carried out and facilitated by myself.

These investigations, depending on the numbers and likelihood of school transmission, can take a little time to conclude, due to HPT being very busy and working through their caseload on a daily basis, the wait for PCR results, and also coming to an informed decision regarding the type of letter/instruction to issue.  There is a staged approach to this in the event of multiple cases:

an initial warn and inform letter (given out by school) in the case of 1 case with possible link to school

a modified warn and inform letter from HPT (on discovery of more cases, which are possibly linked, in class) requesting pupils to seek a PCR while decision is being made

Outbreak letters, in the case of multiple linked cases, requiring children to isolate

‘Stepdown’ letter/s to communicate to each family when their child can return to school/normal activities.  This is dependent on when pupil last attended school, and PCR negative test.

The situation is ever-changing and fast moving at times, and many factors are taken into account when making decisions regarding closure or isolation. 

I do hope this clarifies the process, please be assured of our support as we navigate our way through these times.

One of the roles as head teacher and depute head teacher is to monitor learning in classes. Since March 2020 we haven’t been allowed to do this so it was fantastic that this restriction was lifted after the October holidays! We’ve let classes settle for a couple of weeks and then this week we got started in P1 with Miss MacKay and P6/7 with Mr Hardie. In the photos below you will see some from P1 – check out the hard sums being done with children who have had 10 weeks in school! You’ll notice everyone is engaged and committed to learning. Photos from P6/7 class next week as poor Mr Lyon has been off sick the last couple of days and he was engaging with P6/7. Each class will be visited and staff will engage with us around your child’s needs, learning and how they are making progress. Absences and lateness will also be monitored by us. It’s been a huge privilege this week.

Notice the ‘massage train’ in P3 – what a lovely idea to help relax everyone at the same time. Well done to all our star award winners this week as well.

Have a good weekend and trust that all remain safe and well.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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