Parent Council Meeting

A reminder about the Parent Council AGM and meeting today online, where at least we can meet virtually. All welcome. It’s a friendly group – honestly! It’s also a place to be able to find out the direction of travel for the school and how you can influence what happens at Smithton. Please use this link to join us at 6pm tonight.

Dogs in the playground – no matter how cute, small or friendly, please do not take dogs or any pets into the school grounds. For those of you who come by car or through the main entrance you will see that I am having to stand at the front entrance at the moment to move off cars that are parked badly restricting the view of children crossing the roads. I believe, since not being in the playground, (I have photographic evidence sent to me by a parent) that more people are bringing their dogs. Please leave your dog at home or wave goodbye to your child at the school gates.

A huge thanks to the Community Council for their kindness in creating goody bags and a Halloween occasion for the school catchment area – which also falls into another community council patch – so we’re doubly grateful. I believe all had a great time and 150 children received a bag of treats.

Have a good week,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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