Straight into learning this week!

When you see what your children are doing at school do you wish you had been at Smithton? Were you a pupil at Smithton and wanted to come back to raise your children here because you love Smithton? Want to know more about teaching (#bestjobintheworld)? Why not attend UHI open session to find out more…

Change, loss and bereavement touch us all. Next week there will be a daily focus on the blog which may help you and/or a member of your family. Have a look at this website for ideas and information – ‘To Absent Friends’

If you are out and about this weekend remember to stay safe as well as having fun with neighbours and friends. If you are welcoming people into your home remember to keep the windows open and encourage all to keep washing their hands. Have fun whatever you are doing this weekend!

I have been really impressed with the whole school’s attitude coming back this week. So many really knuckling down and getting right into work. The whole school is focusing on fiction texts and getting joy out of reading and imagination. It’s great some of the ideas that staff and young people have come up with! You’ll see some P4s with their place value doughnuts and how they ended up making chocolate from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! (Any excuse, I’d say…) We also had a visit from a senior officer from Education Scotland with us all day on Tuesday looking at how we are shaping our curriculum. This was a really positive experience and House Captains showed her round, staff engaged with her and she also went into classes to see what was happening and to get learning from the young people’s perspectives. Really helpful discussion with Mr Lyon and me to help us think about how we evidence the young people’s learning so onwards and upwards!

Pupil Learning Council has decided on the new name for homework – Learn@Home. Staff compiling the grids and specific learning tasks for individuals as well as getting the termly overview ready. This should be with you end of the week/beginning of next week.

Enjoy these cracking smiley faces and see the engagement in learning in classes as well as the cosy reading chats in the nursery. Look out for Brodie and Ella who gave a day of their holiday to pack parcels for Blythswood

Have a good, safe weekend…what are you going to do with that extra hour? Go for a walk? Clean that cupboard? Read a book? I’m going to try not to squander it but live life to the full!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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