Autumn Arrives

October holidays are upon us – see Highlife Highland’s events for over the holidays here.

What a week of changeable weather! However, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just right clothing needed. Great to see so many togged up with coats with hoods, wellies and all in one suits to continue having fun outdoors. Please note that we will be trying to maintain a third of our days accessing the outdoors for our learning even in the cold.

With autumn comes those darker mornings and often we snuggle into our warm beds rather than getting up. Or maybe the days are a bit windier and more dreich. This can lead some people to be a bit later resulting in taking the car to school rather than walking. We know it’s a small car park and we also know to park on pavements and on the grass can obscure the vision for people crossing roads. Parent Council has sent out a message to advise against breaching the highway code and I will do spot checks and move people on but really, this is something that we all need to tackle for ourselves. Please consider parking at the Smithton Free Church as they have said we can use it to ‘park and stride’. However we are also so proud of our young people who cycle, walk or scooter to school – the numbers are ever increasing so thank you to all of you who do this.

The dreaded COVID paragraph…please continue to be vigilant. There seem to be many cases in the school but NHS ‘test and protect’ team assure me on a daily basis when I call that the cases are not related to the school and if any in the future are then action will be taken for the whole class. Information will come either from Dojo if it affects your child’s class or via the blog if it’s general information. Not signed up to your child’s Dojo or Google Classroom? Don’t be embarrassed if you’re not sure how to do this – contact your child’s teacher or me directly.

I promised you a look at our new draft Learning Together Policy this week but with staff absences it hasn’t been possible to get the final wording with staff. Early next week! It’s almost there. Anyone who is keen to see it early please contact me directly

Finishing on a good note: these photos are great for showing learning in action – interactions in maths week, tsunami and global understanding, star awards, use of speech marks and taking advantage of what’s happening right here, right now to develop literacy, science and well being! (Did you learn about speech marks using pasta?! The tooth fairy has been busy in P2/3 so Mrs Tough got fairy houses lit up and imaginative stories out of this!) Keep up with your class’s news daily on Dojo and Google Classroom.

Have a good weekend and as the House Captains say at assembly each week to us all, ‘Stay out of trouble!’ As if…

Aileen Mackay, HT

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