Last Friday in September…

…and we’re still in T shirts and welcoming the sun most days!

It’s not too late to request a parent/teacher contact time so please complete the survey for each child you have. Sunday at 6pm is the cut off time but we will be able to fit you in after that if you don’t get round to reading the blog until Monday. (Lots of you have filled in already so thank you very much.)

Don’t our new house captains look smart? Not only do they look smart, they are all smart with multiple intelligences. The interview process meant that they had to come up with new ideas and also pledges for home, school and personal goals which will have to be fulfilled during the year and with consistency. As there were so many brilliant applicants they have been requested to become leaders of learning across the school. Some are under way already with their planning and recruiting younger members to their teams…watch this space on Monday for our Gardening Leader and his requests.

Also next week, look out for our new homework policy. The name will change to the Learning Together Policy. We want to engender the joy of learning and not the trudge of work. We have taken the ideas from the young people through last year’s Learning Council as well as from the Parent Council in December and staff this term. Thanks to the disruptions to the year (can’t think of any, can you?!) it has taken longer to be able to consult with everyone but we’re hopeful that it has taken as many people’s considerations into account as possible.

Enjoy the photos this week of the Star Award winners as well as poor Mr Jamieson having to walk the plank (well, he did get his grammar and spelling wrong so the class took action!) and children learning indoors and outdoors, practising team work, sharing knowledge and concentration skills as well as improving learning. P6 were practising their handwriting…by sewing! (Fine motor skill practice – using innovation to engage and stimulate learning.)

Have a happy, safe weekend and enjoy each other’s company.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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