Short Week – But Lots Packed In!

Staff worked hard Monday and Tuesday but it’s not the same without the children and young people so it was good to welcome them back on Wednesday. The Star Award winners are showing they can use the school values in whatever they do – delighted with the way people continue to learn from their mistakes, show to be good examples towards others and develop caring attitudes to the whole school community.

We have a Health Development Officer working with us this year and I’m delighted that Andrew Kyle has taken on responsibility to create a club in the early evening on a Friday for P7s. We’re hoping that this will be extended so that next year, when they are S1 that they will still come back and also be joined by the new P7 group. They will play games, enjoy sport, bake and cook as well as other activities that they choose. We want to encourage all our young people to find good use of their free time and to enjoy each other’s company in a positive way.

Parent contact sessions are due in a fortnight’s time – look out for information next week as, unfortunately, we will still have to meet virtually.

Thank you to all parents for your patience around changes in staff with your children and also keeping your children at home while waiting for tests. We all remain concerned and anxious at some levels around COVID-19. We are trying to reassure the children and young people all the time about what we can control (wash hands, keep them away from your face and trying to keep your distance!) and what to leave to adults and the medics to help us. As we head into autumn and winter don’t hesitate to contact me if you remain anxious or need a chat.

Have a good weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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