Last Week’s Catch Up

Apologies – having trouble with photos up the right way – they seem to have a mind of their own when they are uploaded!

We have one class isolating and individual children in other classes. Keep washing your hands, giving each other space and avoid touching your face. Keep washing your children’s clothes and packed lunch boxes, etc. It’s really tricky just now with summer colds and sniffles, isn’t it? We don’t know what are symptoms and what are just common cold symptoms! If in doubt – please keep your child off and just let us know via the office. Mrs Cornish is doing a fantastic job each morning as you can imagine there are lots of people phoning to either report an absence or ask for advice.

If your child is absent either waiting for results or recovering unfortunately the class teacher can’t set work for your child specifically unless it is something that is already going onto the google classroom stream. As you can imagine, the teacher may have 29 children in the class as well. There may be opportunities such as class novel time, when the teacher can offer a google meet to your child to ‘join in’ with the class. If your child is looking for things to do have a look at what the council has provided by clicking here.

If your child is to self isolate please encourage following the rules. I cannot enforce the rules but as a community I hope we will be there for each other and reduce the opportunity for the virus to spread by keeping to them. I appreciate it can be frustrating when you really want to go somewhere or you have childcare issues but I urge you to take advice if you are not sure or just follow the rules.

On a nicer note – the class Pupil Learning Council reps have been chosen in each class! When P6/7 comes back on Friday we’ll take a photo of them then but until then here are the names:

P2-3  Jess Davidson P3- Quinn MacPherson

P4 LM- Seoras MacKenzie P4 CN- Max Young

P5LM- Evan Iwaszkiewicz P5 RJ- Emma Turbuk

P6 DR- Kacper Jagodzinski P6 EO- Robyn MacDonald

P6-7 – Lauren Harrison P7- Alfie Stevenson

P1 and P2 will be represented in other ways until Christmas (using house captains, class teachers, in groups, etc.) when they will be more ready to take part fully. It’s a responsible role as they are representing everyone in their classes and taking views and class discussions to the Learning Council. I value their ideas and opinions and have made improvements to the school based on their ideas at times. Despite COVID, children are learning, getting settled and overall, are a credit to you. have a good week!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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