Useful Information About COVID from Highland Council

Good morning. As mentioned on Friday, NHS needs to treat each individual case separately so you may hear things from one person and then get confused as it’s dealt with totally differently with the next person. We need to trust the process and trust those who are leading us through this (never ending!) period of the pandemic. Highland Council has provided these links for our use and understanding. Continue being careful about washing, standing at least 1m away from adults and trying not to touch your face. With staff absences and pupil absences it is very difficult for us to provide continuity and routine but can I thank various supply staff who have been covering and trying to stick to class routines – we couldn’t do without you! As parents and young people can we continue to give a warm welcome to any supply staff and to wish our own staff a speedy recovery. At the start of a new year it’s always tricky for young people to come back after an absence as the class is not fully established but hopefully things will settle down soon.

Please take care, everyone.

Aileen Mackay, HT

ParentClub is aimed at parents but explains how covid and testing can be explained to children, helpful links:

YoungScot is primarily aimed at young people. Helpful links:

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