And We’re Back!

Trust this finds everyone well, rested and ready for the new school session ahead. Apologies for delay in sending out information but I’m sending as soon as it has been confirmed from Highland Council.

Click here to see details of where the classes are and which entrances to use. In summary:

All adults to continue wearing masks unless you are wearing an exemption lanyard.

All adults should be 1m away from any other adult and, if possible, only one adult per household in the playground. (P1 parents – feel free to come together as it’s the first day tomorrow – totally understand!)

We’re still not able to have every class lining up in the playground so please make sure you have clicked above to find out where your child’s class is and which entrance you should use.

Children and young people will remain in their ‘treehouses’ but will be able to go between classes within their treehouse. Hopefully with no new cases we will be able to open up more and go back to pairing up classes and learning in creative ways.

We ask you to be vigilant with washing clothes, washing hands and packed lunch boxes, please. Staff will continue to do their testing and if you think there are any of the COVID related symptoms please keep your child at home and follow usual procedures.

Nursery children – line up for The Cabin around the back of the playroom. Butterfly and Rainbow Rooms should line up at the gate nearer the school under the roof shelter.

Parents are still not allowed into school so please bear with us. Drop your child off knowing that the adults in school will be supervising but if you are anxious, please get in touch and we will hopefully be able to reassure you during the day.

We have new staff who have been hard at work over the holidays and especially today setting up classrooms and familiarising themselves with children’s notes. We welcome them and trust they will enjoy working with you and your children.

We will be preparing for extra curricular so that when we get the go ahead to mix the classes then we will be ready. More information to come in September.

One more sleep and then it’s back to school! Looking forward to welcoming you all back and especially welcoming our new parents, carers and young people who have moved into the area over the summer.

See you in the morning!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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