A Great Week for Learning Outside!

We won’t know until the end of term which house has won the sports cup but it has been great seeing the variety of games, sports, relaxation activities, healthy eating and drinking advice and everything else in between. I’m just delighted that by the end of the week the most competitive teachers were still playing nicely and behaving!

However, I am quite concerned that there have been performance enhancing illegal activities in P5…the blue tongue gives it away…

Sticking with P5, a few months ago some of our P5 girls and one from P4 took part in an engineering project with Glasgow University. Each week they faced a new experiment in engineering from a group there called ‘FemEng’: a variety of engineers who are promoting their subject to girls. They had great fun from bridge building to DNA creation with wine gums (!) and met, online, a different female engineer each week. The plan was to have these girls then lead an engineering after school club for both boys and girls…and then the second lockdown started. The fantastic news is that the student engineer who was leading the project with us has won an award! She’s keen to keep working with us so hopefully we’ll keep in touch as she moves on with her studies into the world of work. Well done, Toni! You inspired us into wanting to start a group and allowed us to explore the world of engineering!

For the last couple of years, the school has taken part in the Inverness 5K event.  However, this year due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to organise this.  For 2021, we have decided to lay down a 2.5K trail in the local Smithton park and woodland as an alternative. The child-friendly design of each stone is inspired by the children in our school and they have  also helped to map out and risk assess the trails. Access to Maps of the route will soon be available and the stones will be laid in the next couple of weeks, which we hope classes at the school and families will enjoy using. If you have any queries about this project, please get in touch with Mrs Mack via the school.  Many thanks Mrs Mack  Outdoor Explorer Volunteer.

Quick reminder that you should have received your child’s summary report today. This includes your child’s view of their learning as well as the teacher’s assessment. Didn’t your child do well? I am hugely impressed that no one is using COVID as an excuse. Everyone has moved on in their learning and therefore their time at home with you means that all the tears, tantrums and reluctance to stick to routines has paid off. If you are feeling guilty that there were more rows and less patience during lockdown be relieved that it hasn’t had a lasting impact and that staff are working hard with your children in school to raise their confidence, build their relationships and social skills back up. Health and well being remains paramount because as you’ve heard me say on numerous occasions, if you’re not happy, content and self confident, learning is much more difficult. Great photos this week of star award winners, ‘resilient kids’ programme participants in nursery going into P1, parents having fun together and learning outside.

See you all on Tuesday – in service day on Monday – the first one this year that staff have been allowed into the building so there’s lots to sort out!

Have a good and safe weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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