Healthy Bodies and Minds

It’s been another week of ups and downs for many. The children and young people are doing really well when they get here but we are aware there are many who are struggling to get up in the morning or motivation to get going is not quite what it is usually. I’m saying this not to complain, just to let you know there are many families in the same boat – you are not alone! Lauren from our Family Team came across some mental health apps from the NHS which are assessed as clinically safe and secure to use. Don’t wait until you feel you might need them – click here to check them out and see which ones might help you and your family.

Next week sees our health an well being week. It will be strange not having parents, carers and friends joining in with the activities but maybe as families you could do some activities and for extra house points, with photographic evidence, you could join in after school? Maybe swapping juice for water with your evening meal; or a family cycle or switching off electronic devices and playing board games or cards together? Let’s say ten house points for each child in the family who has some evidence that the family, including adults, did some health and well being activities together! If easier, children can come in sports wear all week but if they prefer the routine of school uniform that’s absolutely fine.

As we gear up for end of term we want to explore how we can still have a final assembly and to include parents and carers. With this in mind, we’d like to trial as many people as possible logging into our assembly on Friday. I’ll put a code out next Friday morning on the blog. You don’t have to listen in or even stay the whole time – we just want to see if we can get lots of people on at the same time without ‘buffer face’ happeing. If you can log on at 9.30am next week that would be great.

The following photos have everything from scooter buddies, outdoor art, stories about Mr Lyon’s voice being stolen, dancer of the week, fun in the rain (we find fun in everything here), star awards and much more. Relax and enjoy.

This promised sunshine better come! Stay safe in the sun if it does, keep washing hands and staying your 2m distance where possible. Looking forward to next week already!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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