Sunshine on a Rainy Day!

The sun always shine here at nursery and school whatever the weather – it does, honestly! Well on the inside….

Fancy joining the cooking group on Monday at 4pm? Here’s the recipe for what’s cooking and the joining link.

If you can’t join on Monday but cook over the weekend, do send in a photo to us!

Every day is a learning day but how much learning can you actually get through play? When your child comes home saying that they played all day are you getting worried? You may hear from the media that children have lost their learning due to the pandemic. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again, they gained time with their families, they worked hard at home and for the ones who struggled to focus on academic work at home they are picking up thanks to the intuitive way the staff understand where the children are in their learning and where they need to be next. Mr Lyon, our newly appointed DHT, created this video to show what learning through play can offer. Throughout the school we want our young people to have a thrill for learning and be enquiry based in all they do. A can do, will do attitude is needed by all of us to inspire and motivate. As parents, carers and staff: let’s not get weary with the pressures of life. Let’s enthuse our young people to be the best they can possibly be. Click here to watch the 7 minute video. from Mr Lyon who was working with Mrs Morison’s P2 class. I’m a proud head teacher again at the end of this week being part of Team Smithton.

Enjoy these rays of sunshine: star award winners, problem solvers, gardeners, den builders, 3D drawer and team players.

Have a great weekend and enjoy nature – just remember to put on your wellies and jackets!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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