First Week Back Smiles

All things considered this was a good first week back! We are delighted to welcome Ms Mackay to P3 for this term and she is delighted to be with us. ‘I love my class already,’ were her words at the end of the week.

P2 took great delight in letting me know how to pronounce ‘pupa’ at assembly (we were looking at changes: how they are inevitable, how to take control of things we could change and how to stop worrying about the things we can’t) as we were watching how a caterpillar changes (using metamorphosis – every day’s a learning day!) into a butterfly. As P2 had been learning about minibeasts before Christmas here’s an illustration that children haven’t forgotten all their learning because of COVID-19.

As you will know, Seasons for Growth is a well known programme that we use at Smithton which helps parents and young people to cope after change, loss or bereavement. Last year some of the children who had been on the programme spoke up about wanting a place in the playground where everyone should have the opportunity to just relax and reflect so they were challenged with designing a garden. We’re absolutely delighted with the results. The four areas marked out will have plants and flowers in season depending on spring, summer, autumn and winter. What a great idea coming from the young people!

As part of the ‘Big Pedal’ next week, pupils will be given the chance to have some fun scootering in our school playground.  

We would normally recommend that young people wear helmets for cycling and scooting when they are riding out and about in the local community.  However, due to Covid-19 related issues, a decision has been made that pupils will not be required to wear a helmet from the shared set that we have in the school.  Should you wish for your child to wear a helmet during these scooter sessions, then they can of course use their own one if they bring it to school.

This ‘Scoot-a-thon’ activity has been risk-assessed and we are fully confident that it will be completely safe for everyone.

Here’s a challenge for you as parents and carers too: can you leave the car one day and walk to school? Or leave it at Smithton Free Church and walk a bit?

We’re so delighted that we managed to get another bike shed at no cost to the school. There should be more room now for bikes and scooters. This is a great testament to you as families who are encouraging your children to be active and improving well being by getting out in the fresh air. Well done to those of our young people who cycle and scooter from Westhill area -must be nice and easy in the morning coming down but that hill going back up?!

Some great Star Award achievements this week and some great learning outdoors as well as free play at break times and after school with family and friends! Enjoy the photo gallery from this week and to see many smiles you can see.

Have a great weekend – still keeping safe: wash hands, stay 2m apart and remain outdoors when meeting people.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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