Super Powers at Smithton: Healthy and Caring!

Thank you to all those who were able to give a donation today – team work meant that we will be able to send £330 to Comic Relief. It is greatly appreciated how everyone in this community, despite current circumstances, still thinks of other people.

We are the proud winners again of the Substance Awareness Award from all over the Highlands! This is a huge achievement which engages everyone across the school. Healthy bodies and healthy minds will lead to quality learning. So delighted and proud of the school’s achievements in creating diversionary activities as well as tackling the issues in class at all levels.
Delighted to be winners of a new book out as well – Inverness Tax Assist Accountants sponsored EQSports to create well being journals and some of our lovely parents voted for Smithton to receive some. Having the most votes we were able to receive 30 copies free. Thank you all so much for your votes. We will be looking to see how best to use them across the school.

It has been good to see people relax more after Monday’s return for us all to the school building. Some people were just so pleased to be back seeing friends while others had enjoyed learning in the peace and quiet at home. We hope to take all children’s views forward into thinking for future learning so that we can take the best from ‘lock down’ and bring this into school. It was so good to see everyone on screen in their classes for assembly this morning. I hope you’ve all had a good week and not missed your children too much! We’ve certainly enjoyed having them here. They continue to be a credit to you and where there are things to work out, it’s good that we can talk and work together for your children.

We are very fortunate with the school meals that we have at Smithton. Ms Nicol and her team do a fantastic job and really know your children well. Dietary needs are catered for in a caring way and staff work really hard to encourage your children to eat a variety and to try new things. Save this link as it will let you know what’s for lunch after the Easter holidays.

Healthy bodies, healthy minds: that’s what our focus has been all week. What the staff are great at doing is sneaking in assessments that just look like fun to the young people. I can’t thank them enough for their creativity around how they get the best out of your children. We have a couple of teaching students at the moment and one of them said to me today that she was in awe of the class teacher and how she knew just how to turn the activity into an assessment of the child’s learning and find learning opportunities in everything. Feedback so far has been positive between staff and parents about how the virtual meetings have gone, especially with P4-7 having the young person there and taking ownership for their learning. From nursery to P7 we have witnessed engagement and hard work throughout. I’ll give them the weekend off….and then it’s back to it on Monday morning. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the beaming smiles of the Star Award winners and the super heroes today. Have a great weekend but please continue to follow the restrictions…we’re getting there. A continued thank you to all our keyworker parents, carers and community who are keeping us all going.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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