Dress Up, Dress Down!

Dress up….remember there will be ‘lost property’ in the playground from 2.30pm today and also a school wear sale where you can give a donation to school funds to pick up some school clothes.

Dress down….tomorrow is Comic Relief and remember we asked that the children would dress down and donate £1 in an envelope. There are various activities organised for throughout the day and you may wish to help your child be creative in thinking about what his/her super power would be as that will be an activity! (Having worked with your children since they came back after the second lock down we know your superpower is patience to do everything – work from home, keep everyone calm and make sure the children’s learning was done, too!)

Dress in white/yellow….Tuesday 23rd March is the anniversary of the first day of lock down 2020 and is designated to Marie Curie charity who kept families supported throughout the year and going forward, too. We are going to have a few activities during the day at school around finding the positives in what we learned about ourselves and each other during the pandemic and how we need to keep following the regulations to keep us all safe. We are not asking for any donations on Tuesday as the staff will be giving to the charity but if your child wants to wear yellow or white they are welcome to do so. Staff will be raiding their wardrobes to find yellow and white, too.

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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