Last Week of Home Learning? We Hope So!

Please see the link to this set of questions and answers to help your child return to school

A reminder to all that the P4-7 children coming back is not an easing of lockdown restrictions…but it’s definitely a step in the right direction! All parents coming into the playground should please use the correct entrances and wear a mask. You will be delighted to see each other in the flesh, too, but remember to stay 2m away from each other – so hard to do, isn’t it? We are really looking forward to seeing Miss MacKay’s class all back on Monday as well. It’s been very quiet without them all…

The P5 classes have been busy making a collection of two books – one of poetry and one which is a recipe book. I’ve already jotted down some ingredients to buy on the way home to try out a few over the weekend! The poems are amazing. Even if you wouldn’t normally choose to read poetry I thoroughly recommend you sit and read them. More evidence to remind the media that this is not the lost generation from school and they do not need more cramming of ‘work’ into their brains. They need continued nurture, space to grow and learn and the confidence to try new things. Keep doing what you are doing at home for your children and we will keep on analysing through play, activity and collaboration where your child’s learning is at and what the next steps are.

The recipe book (perfect for cooking that lunch for the mum figure in your life on Sunday!)

The poetry book (put your feet up and relax reading this)

It’s Mothers’ Day on Sunday which can be a tough time for people if mum isn’t around either because she is living elsewhere or she has died. Add in COVID-19 restrictions and it’s going to be tougher for even more of us this year. Is there someone who is a mother figure to you in your life? Drop that person a message or pick up the phone and chat. Can we all be kinder with each other on Sunday and reflect on what mother figures have done for us to be the people we are today?

Enjoy the slideshow: star awards, substance awareness posters, nursery problem solving, P1/2 writing tasks. Great to see the variety of learning and children engaged, relaxed and confident.

Have a good weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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