No Smoking Day

Good morning on this beautiful, sunny Smithton morning!

This time last year the MADE dance/drama/enterprise group had activities for parents in the playground to emphasise why smoking is not a healthy lifestyle option and lots of you joined in tasting the sweets with no smell, weighing yourselves on the ‘feel good’ scales and breathing through the straw and balloon amongst other things. However the difference a year can make….we can’t do these activities but we can urge you to think if you are a smoker…can you cut one out today? Can you pledge to smoke outside rather than in the house? Can you encourage a friend to cut down or stop with you? Here are links to help you if you are thinking about cutting down.

I am delighted that after the first No Smoking day last year we have two people who stopped and have managed not to start up again – fantastic news. Here are some photos of how some young people were discussing the effects of smoking yesterday..Jo form the PEF Family Team and Mrs Fraser continue to work with groups across the school about awareness of substance misuse.

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