COVID-19 Update

Please open the letter above that has come from NHS as we have had a new reported case of COVID-19 in the school over the weekend. If you want a paper copy they will be available from hte school foyer in hte morning. If you haven’t had a call from me or an email the child is not in your class. Nursery – P3 are expected in tomorrow as normal as well as the P4-7 targeted children and those of keyworkers. Miss Mackay’s P1 class is in isolation as a precaution and both Miss Mackay and Mrs McCormack, although testing negative, are also in isolation and will be leading the children from home using the Google classroom as a vehicle for teaching and learning.

Our cleaners do a fantastic job and staff are ever vigilant around hand washing, ventilation of classrooms and emphasis on outdoor learning at the moment. This virus is with us in our community but so is the vaccine. We have trust in the NHS and certainly anyone I deal with around ‘test and protect’ is helpful and allows me to ensure the school and nursery risk assessments are meaningful and safe for all staff and young people. Try, as hard as it is, to remain calm particularly around your children. A few reminders: as adults in the playground you are expected to wear a mask at all times, please stay two metres away from other adults and keep your children off school if anyone in your family has to take a test until you know it is negative. If in doubt, please call us. We are not experts in this virus but with more experience of interpreting the rules since August we can help. We also have direct access to NHS help so can ask on your behalf.

If you hear rumours or are worried in any way, please contact me by email in the first instance aileen.mackay@highland,gov,uk

Hoping you’ve had a restful weekend and that all are ready for new learning either at home or school tomorrow. I’m sure you are joining me in wishing the child in question a speedy recovery with no symptoms and for everyone else in the class with their families, no further instances.

We are Smithton – this virus will not break down our community care for each other!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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