Friday Round Up

Staff are keen to have a parent/teacher/EYP worker virtual meeting with you before the Easter holidays. It will be an opportunity to highlight what has been working well, how your child has been working at home and what you think the next steps are. If your child is in P4-7 we would really like to have your child present for the meeting and have produced a few prompts for your child and you to use as a basis for the discussion. This will be addressed through the classroom next week as part of their learning. Your child’s teacher will have jotted down a few points using the same template.

The meeting will last no more than ten minutes, similar to having our usual face to face meetings. As you will not be called into school for the meeting your child’s teacher will allocate a date and time. If this is not suitable please reply directly to your child’s teacher.

Please reply to your child’s teacher by Tuesday 9th March at 12 noon so we can sort out the timetable for the school. School parents will be notified with a google link through Dojo and nursery children and parents will be notified via an email to the parent.

Please use this link to let us know if you would like a meeting:

The fenced area outside P1/2 area – little brothers and sisters are usually welcome to play in there while they are waiting for their bigger brothers or sisters to come out of school but until all restrictions are removed can we ask you to keep your little ones out of this area, please? Thank you for your cooperation.

As we move into our last week without P4-7 in the school we are full of anticipation! I believe there are to be further announcements for schools on Tuesday so I will update you all then and provide a similar presentation with answers to any questions after I have the information.

We have been told by Highland Council that we must focus on well being, socialisation and outdoor learning: we need to reconnect as a school family building confidence and establishing routines again. I know a few of you are worried about bedtime routines again and getting up in the will manage just as you do when your children come back after the summer holidays. We will focus on where your child is at – there is no such thing as ‘catch up curriculum’ despite what you may hear on the media. School staff are highly,skilled in tuning into your child and ensuring the learning is suitable to meet your child’s needs. In weeks to come I will share data with you about the impact you as parents have had on your child’s learning. Our partnership for your child’s learning is so important going forward – thank you again for all you have been doing. Your child will thank you when he or she looks back at these days…

Some great photos to share, as always from around the google classroom slides this week. Here are a few beauties from nursery through the school as well as from your homes. Apologies – there’s a glitch I have been trying to sort out for ages but not all photos are coming out the right way up…you may need to stand on your head!

Do take care and hopefully enjoy brighter nights and mornings while still following guidelines. Know of our care for you all as families.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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