Another week to tick off?

It’s not just another week to tick off, biding our time and waiting. Your children have grown, the season is changing from winter to spring and we can still laugh! We’re looking forward to seeing all of nursery and P1-3 in school from Monday. We acknowledge it’s hard for brothers and sisters in P4-7 to be at home while the younger ones are in school. We appreciate you continue to struggle on trying to work from home and trying to motivate the older children at home. We’ll still support those learning at home but hopefully if the ‘R’ number continues to decrease the experts will be able to allow some easing of the restrictions and the Smithton family will all be back together. Until then we all need to be patient. It’s not easy, is it?!

Have a look at the presentation that will maybe answer some of your questions. Remember to click ‘present’ at the top right hand side so you can see a brilliant wee video that P4s who were in school and Miss Noble made today.

Have a good weekend and here’s hoping for a good week ahead next week.

Stay safe,

Aileen Mackay, HT. Enjoy some photos from the nursery today!

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