Friday Feeling

An amazing, heart felt poem by Robyn about friendship!

Oh what joy it is

to have a friend like you

For giving me strength

the way you do.

For lifting me up

when I’m wearing a frown

thanks for being there

and helping me grow.

Your friendship means a lot –

this I’d like you to know.

Last weekend my daughter and I went up Ord Hill. I’d love to say we were exploring but we actually got lost and a one hour walk ended up being nearly a three hour walk. It made me think about losing your way, realising you need to get back on track and having to do something about it. You may feel like you’ve lost your way at the moment: no idea if it’s night or day; no idea if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday (don’t panic – it’s Friday) or whether you’re about to make lunch or dinner. I know lots of us are feeling like all we’re doing is plodding along without a goal or a plan.

Between Robyn’s poem and the following photos there is an incentive to keep going. Families doing what they can to stay positive and remembering what’s really important about the journey: the people who are with you. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not find a moment this weekend to let someone you are on this journey with know how much he/she means to you. When was the last time you said, ‘I love you’ to that person? (Go on, brothers and sisters – you know you want to!)

We’ve been reminded this week on a few occasions where the local community has helped out for no gain other than to look out for each other. We’re all proud to work in the Smithton catchment area and to be on this journey alongside you. The Smithton Family continues to support and connect despite the time we finds ourselves in. Feet up, relax. I have no further news to share with you about school returning until after the First Minister’s planned briefing on Tuesday. As soon as I know anything I will post on the blog here. Until then we follow the guidelines and trust you are, too. Nursery and school back on Thursday.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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