Thursday Workout!

Starting to feel a bit ‘meh’? All this sitting about in the cold? Are you asking to put the heating up and someone says, ‘No. Just go and put another jumper on,’ or maybe, ‘Well help with the housework and that will heat you up!’?

Luca is an ex pupil of Smithton who studied Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He graduated with a Masters and is now working at west Fraser’s Inverness Plant (previously known as Norbord).

He’s one of the nicest boys who ever came through our school but you wouldn’t mess with him: he has won two professional boxing fights! We are really fortunate that he is going to get us up off our sofas and get us going with a work out. Click on the link. I had a go last night so if I can take part, so can you! Challenge each other in the house to join in.

We won’t have a survey next Thursday but please complete this one by clicking here. Remember that staff won’t be posting any work until Thursday next week after tomorrow and school will not be open for anyone. We will continue to use the grid from this week next Thursday and Friday. Staff will have in service training on Wednesday but it will be done from home.

Beautiful if cold day today! Enjoy’s joining in with Luca and if you have music requests for the next one send them to me if you don’t know Luca! (I’ve made a request already….)

Aileen Mackay, HT

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