Cleaning Challenge

The cleaners normally decide which class has been kept clean and tidy the best over the school week. Now that most are learning from home, we have decided to post cleaning tips for you! The cleaners will take it in turns to post a wee video that explains how they clean an area of the house. Perhaps you could award your child a star award for cleaning a sink this week either the way Kim has shown us in her video below or if you have a particular way of doing it yourself. Obviously you will decide if they are watching you do it, helping you or whether all you need to do is supervise based on your child’s maturity.

Thanks, Kim! Click here and here to get the first part…second video to follow for how to rinse it all off!

We have another session tonight with the counsellor that is in our school area that I’ve mentioned before. Come along if you can just to hear what is on offer. We have a few parents and young people already who have signed up for advice and sessions with her as we know waiting lists for primary mental health advice can mean a bit of a wait at the moment.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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