Fun in Learning Inside and Out

The engagement with learning both inside and outside in the snow and in the community has been terrific. Get any better and I’m going to have to classify you as staff and start paying you! Your children’s teachers are creative in what they are suggesting and it’s good that they have all been able to take turns in coming into school and nursery. My thanks, as always, to everyone working hard both at home, nursery and school. For those of you juggling work and childcare at home I’m just checking in with you all – it’s so hard, isn’t it? Remember the most important thing is to stay positive within your relationships as a family so if you are getting frustrated with anything learning is less likely to take place. Stop. Close the books or the technology. Play a game, go outside if you can or make a meal together. (Mr Speakman and P3 baked the other day and had a ‘coffee morning’ together eating and chatting. Lovely idea!) If you are finding bedtimes are all topsy turvy – you’ve been here before so you know that school routine will kick in when we are back together. In the meantime, find a new routine for you as a family..just try and make sure you register each child as close to 9am as possible.

Rose from our Family Team has created a presentation which has handy tips to help with routines and staying calm at home. I will put on the school website next week under the ‘Parent Help’ section. Thanks to those who came to the video meet the other night for it’s first sharing. If anyone would like a non judgemental chat with someone please contact me or your child’s teacher first so we can allocate someone who is available from the team.

Primary One enrolment starts on Monday which is all done online. I’ll send out the link for ease for you here on Monday.

Please stay safe. Keep washing your hands and enjoy each other’s company – virtually.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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