Friday Round Up

Look how well this magical jigsaw was completed by Jess…

And if you fancy a good read, Tammy in P3 has written a fantastic chapter book! Fancy drawing the pictures to go alongside it?

Working online through Google Classrooms has been hard work for everyone, we appreciate that but it’s been terrific to keep us all socially connected. This time round we’ve managed to have a nursery classroom, too, filled with story time and ideas for playing, etc. If you missed the chance to join click on this link – it’s never too late to join in the fun of learning through play.

Thank you to all who have taken part in the weekly survey. A couple of good suggestions going forward and I have fed these back to staff. Your confidence in the staff is very much appreciated – and reciprocated. Staff know that you are doing an amazing job keeping the house going, some of you with working at home, others juggling shifts so you can be at home and others working full time and trying to catch up with your child’s learning in the evening.

As you know all staff are taking a turn coming in to school to supervise the children and young people. We are grateful to those parents who can change their shifts to keep their children at home. Anyone who has had difficulties with devices or internet connection has had some kind of resolution if they have been in touch with us so please don’t suffer at home – do make contact with us as we are here to help.

Occasionally (!) things can get frantic when we are cooped up together as families especially if the weather is poor and we stay indoors. It would be good just to wrap up and go out for a walk daily as a family so that you can just get out of the house. If you want some tips or to realise you are not alone come and join us on Wednesday at 6.30pm where Rose from the PEF Family Team will lead on some tried and tested ideas. I would say that I’ll be joining so I can get tips on keeping my family going, but I think they might want tips on how to keep me behaving well! I will put a google meet code out at the beginning of the week.

A number of parents have requested that staff receive the star award this week in recognition of working in their holidays to ensure that all learning has been well organised and communication has been fantastic since coming back after the holidays. So, just for staff from calm Mrs Cornish and Mrs Matheson in the office to nursery staff den building in the rain and all staff in between – thank you.

Finally for this week here is a snapshot of learning at home and in the school this week with star award winners too, including Miss Bills who is studying her degree in Early Years Philosophy and practice who got an A in her last assignment. There’s a few sibling cuddles, a mother and daughter special moment and smiling faces. here’s hoping week two is just as positive! There’s also a post someone thought all who have been supervising children learning at home might need on a Friday night…a bit of lavender to reduce ‘stress’…..

Keep following the advice and stay safe. To our families that are unwell for any reason just now, please feel the Smithton family love.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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