Star Awards – Your Choice!

Assembly will have to revert back to a slide show on Friday which will be shared in your child’s classroom. If you can decide whether your child has engaged really well this week or behaved in a safe, ready or respectful way then please nominate your child for a Star Award and your child’s teacher will announce at an agreed time.

It really is helpful to us if you take time to complete this survey on a weekly basis as it gives us a clear understanding if the activities and learning we are providing is too much, too little or just about right! Click here, please to complete. Again can I thank the staff publicly for all taking a turn and coming into school to supervise your children and also for their ingenuity in how they are engaging with your children at home.

Parents of nursery aged children: could you be entitled to a healthy start voucher? Click here to find out.

A parent has sent this book to me to share with you all – it’s lovely and I can imagine the pictures families could draw to represent their thoughts on certain pages. Thank you!

Remember to send the odd photo so that we can have a whole school gallery on a Friday to cheer us all up.

Have a good Thursday.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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