Keyworker Spaces At Smithton

I appreciate that those of you waiting to hear about whether your child has a space here at school going forward need to know as soon as possible. With certain changes I am having to negotiate and work with colleagues in the council about those who have requested a place. Please know that I am doing everything I can. It is required that I have confirmation from your employer/line manager that your work patterns can’t accommodate you to work from home. If you haven’t got that yet you must get it to me by tomorrow.

The default should be to have your child at home and not in school. Please review whether you need a place for your child in school. Email me directly if, on reconsideration, you don’t need a place for your child.

Please stay safe and continue to follow all advice.

Aileen Mackay, HT

One thought on “Keyworker Spaces At Smithton

  1. HiSorry Aileen if im being daft here and i know email was for everyone,  but is keyworker letters email ect i sent is enough or do i need to get you something additional from me?  Kind regardsAmanda

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