Latest COVID-19 Update

This is the latest from the Highland Council. For those that I was in touch with today regarding keyworker status please read the appendix carefully and answer the questions. If you think you are still eligible please email me directly and I will be in touch by the end of the week.

For those who are attending in person tomorrow, please come through the same gates and line up as usual. Your child can wear school uniform or not particularly this week as they are officially on holiday till Monday. Lunches will be served as normal and cleaning staff will be in to keep us as germ free as possible. Please do not send your child if there are any signs of illness – we all need to keep safe.

Please note if you email me I will endeavour to answer as quickly as possible but there may be a delay as we will need to work things out as a staff. We’ll get there!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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