COVID-19 Update

A good new year to all of Smithton Primary and Nursery community. We all hope you have stayed safe and were able to communicate with friends and family remotely. It certainly was different, wasn’t it?

As a school we had a plan going forward as you know but I couldn’t confirm anything until the updates from the Prime Minister and the First Minister in Scotland were given today. There isn’t anything new from Highland Council just now so I assume that I will be going ahead with our plans as they were in line with government restrictions.

If you had applied for a place in the school for your child because you are a keyworker you will be looking for confirmation. This will come in the email that you registered in the online application tomorrow. All keyworkers in categories one and two will receive automatic acceptance of places and I am hoping all category three as well. What is really important is that if you haven’t sent your supporting letter/email of support from your line manager please do this as a matter or urgency. I want to have as few staff working in the school as possible to protect them but we are here to support all who need to work to keep the rest of us all safe.

If you are able to keep your children at home this would be the preferred option to protect staff and also the children and their families however we will do what we can.

This is different to March for the better. School will be open to certain pupils and the office will be open all the time. My Lyon, Mr West and I will be in every day and we will monitor the number of children in the treehouses and support the staff who will be in to care for the children. Class teachers will be teaching from home.

Dig deep. You were amazing from March – June in everything you did and the number of children who said the best bit of lockdown was spending time with their parents. Relationships are key. Look out for each other. Hug each other. Read to each other and share the jobs around the house together. Do not force learning if your children are struggling or you are stressing about working from home yourselves. We will take on board the suggestions from the surveys you so kindly completed to guide us and class teachers will ensure that learning grids are varied with outdoor, practical and social learning as well as online work. If you need paper copies at least now you can let your child’s teacher know via dojo and you can come to the school foyer and pick them up.

More news tomorrow but I just wanted to get information out as soon as the Prime Minister had spoken. Please take care.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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