Friday Round Up

Lauren also runs a programme for adults to help them discuss change, loss or bereavement with their children. Don’t hesitate to call us, Having a greater understanding of our family and who we are can really help with being ready to learn.

I’m thrilled, delighted and relieved that there have been no more positive cases of COVID-19 reported to me and that all of the class in isolation is well – and their parents have survived more than a week of home learning again! All staff are well.

The cleaners and Mr Aitchison do a fantastic job keeping the school clean and they take great pride in their work – we at indebted to them as always.

You’ve seen some of the lovely photos from nursery’s Christmas parties and lunch so here’s a few from the school. What a privilege to have had Santa here! I thought it was all a joke – checking with me by email about risk assessments and getting the parcels to the children but no -he appeared on his scooter! What was totally amazing was how he blew some magic dust into the classrooms as he was staying outside the whole time and presents were magically found in class cupboards…

Please set aside half an hour on Monday at 1.30pm when we will be having our live streaming event of The Nativity with the nursery providing a selection of poems. Staff and young people have worked hard to make this video a success. It would be terrific if you could let family and friends know across the world that it is happening and, if you can, join us ‘live’. It will be on the school blog here so please do leave positive comments for me to share with the young people and if you can’t watch it live, sit back later with a cuppa and share in the success of the youngsters in getting across the Christmas story.

In between the Christmas activities staff continue to keep routines going in class and young people are still working hard and learning – look out for those photos, too. As ever, our star awards photos are included. We know the children really like this part of assembly although it’s hard for us all not to sing along to the song, as well!

School and nursery will finish at the usual times on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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