COVID Winter Hardship & Star Awards

Please find below a short brief regarding the Scottish Government Covid winter hardship payment – £100 per eligible child. Families do not need to apply for this payment as THC will issue payments to families directly.

Families with children in receipt of free school meals due to reasons of low income are eligible for a £100 per child Covid winter hardship payment from the Scottish Government. There are no restrictions on how families choose to spend the additional payment. The payment is per child not per household. However, P1-3 pupils receiving free school meals due to universal provision, not due to low income, are not eligible.

It is vital that if your child is in P1-3 and you are eligible that you apply for free school meals and clothing allowance even though your child gets a free meal anyway to make sure you are on the list for Highland Council to contact you directly. Your email details need to be accurate as the Highland Council will take your details from our database. please contact the school office if you have not updated your email address.

Just in: we are working with health professionals to see if those in self isolation can return after 10 days rather than 14 based on Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement today. Please look at the blog early next week.

Thank you to all who attended the virtual meeting last night. If there are further questions please feel free to contact me and I can try and find out the answers or go directly to the number on the letter that was sent out (e copy on the blog here). We’re all trying to remain calm but vigilant.

P7 on WEdnesday had a task to undertake a live and remote boardmeeting. They were all part of a Christmas company and had to prepare a new logo, design a Christmas competition, prepare a slide show of their product and discuss several issues for their company (falling sales and interest due to COVID) The winning company was called, ‘Christmas Crackers’ and team members including Calvin, Andrew, Euan, Adem. Well done!

Lovely to see smiling faces in our weekly awards….you really have fantastic children. Thank you for lending them to us each day!

Have a good weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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