Weekend Round Up

We have invested in the House Captains to wear Smithton blazers when on official duty. Don’t they look smart? Clothes don’t give you aspiration or dedication to learn; it is always the person inside the clothes that counts. However it gives us great pleasure to see our young people taking pride in their school and community.

For some bizarre reason I am unable to upload the photos from yesterday’s Star Awards and events from around the week. I am about to lose patience…bring back the slate! Hopefully I’ll be able to get help on Monday to see where I’m going wrong and you will be able to see the great reasons why people were given certificates and how other people were learning during the week, including nursery children who were counting to 18 using planks of wood!

The kids from Westfield Way have been busy raising money for MFR Cash for Kids Mission Christmas Appeal.  The appeal has received a record number of applications this year, the kids are hoping to raise lots of money and help in any way they can.

So far they have a prize raffle, made their own candle (which has almost sold out!) and they have also made hot chocolate cones and reindeer food which they have been selling locally. 

Aileen Mackay, HT

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