Believe and you will achieve….

I worked out where I was going wrong trying to upload these photos! Now let the weekend begin…

We’re delighted that Paige’s dad, Mr Sutherland has created a virtual tour of the school for us. Click on this link to see it It will also go onto the tab ‘About’ for any families moving into the area. We are delighted that he gave us this free of charge. He was motivated to do this because he was aware that so many new parents either to ELC, primary one or new to the area haven’t had the opportunity to see around the school because of the current restrictions. A huge thank you to him and his assistant, Paige, who kept him right!

We had a lone of ‘Jimmy the Janny’ again this week and on Thursday he brought his medals in from when he had been in the army. Various young people got to see them and also his survival kit. P5 RJ were particularly interested in his rebuilding of a school in Bosnia. Look out for those photos in the slideshow below. Also some children from the Butterfly room were problem solving the other day and showed great skill in team work, communication and counting to 18. Star Award moments are always proud moments and are there to give examples to us all for how we can promote our school values. Well done, everyone.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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